Courts Act, 1977


3.—(1) The following clause shall be substituted for clause (b) of paragraph 2 (1) of the Sixth Schedule to the Courts (Supplemental Provisions) Act, 1961 :

“(b) Where, at the time of the appointment of a person to be a district justice, there are nine district justices not permanently assigned to particular districts, the Government shall assign that person permanently to a particular district”.

(2) The following paragraph shall be substituted for paragraph (b) of section 14 (1) of the Law Reform Commission Act, 1975 :

“(b) in case on being so appointed he is the President of the High Court or an ordinary judge of the High Court, then for so long as he continues to hold the judicial office held by him on so being appointed—

(i) the number of ordinary judges of the High Court shall not be more than ten, and

(ii) the reference in section 1 (1) of the Courts Act, 1977, to nine shall be construed as a reference to ten, and”.