International Health Bodies (Corporate Status) Act, 1971


5.—(1) The Minister shall maintain a register of bodies to which corporate status orders relate.

(2) The following provisions shall have effect in relation to the register under this section:

(a) the register shall be kept open for public inspection during office hours,

(b) with the register, there shall also be kept available for public inspection copies of the constitutions (including amendments) of the registered bodies together with, in case any such constitution or amendment is not written in the English or Irish language, a translation thereof,

(c) there shall be entered in the register the address of the office kept by a registered body in accordance with section 4 of this Act, and

(d) every registered body shall for the purposes of paragraph (b) of this subsection supply to the Minister a copy of its constitution (including amendments) together with, where necessary, a translation thereof.