S.I. No. 191/1970 - Dublin Airport (Parking Fees) (Amendment) Bye-Laws, 1970.

S.I. No. 191 of 1970.


I, BRIAN LENIHAN, Minister for Transport and Power, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 16 (3) of the Air Navigation and Transport Act, 1950 (No. 4 of 1950), and the Transport, Fuel and Power (Transfer of Departmental Administration and Ministerial Functions) Order, 1959 ( S.I. No. 125 of 1959 ), hereby make the following Bye-laws:

1. These Bye-laws may be cited as the Dublin Airport (Parking Fees) (Amendment) Bye-laws, 1970.

2. These Bye-laws shall come into operation on the 31st day of August, 1970.

3. The Dublin Airport (Parking Fees) Bye-laws, 1960 ( S.I. No. 161 of 1960 ) are hereby amended by the substitution for the rates of fee (inserted by the Dublin Airport (Parking Fees) (Amendment) Bye-laws, 1968 ( S.I. No. 14 of 1968 )) set out in the second column of the Schedule opposite "Motor Cars" of the following:—

"1s. for a period exceeding 20 minutes but not exceeding 1 hour.

2s. for period exceeding 1 hour but not exceeding 2 hours.

4s. for a period exceeding 2 hours but not exceeding 6 hours.

6s. for a period exceeding 6 hours but not exceeding 24 hours, and

10s. for each subsequent period of 24 hours."

GIVEN under my Official Seal, this 17th day of August, 1970.


Minister for Transport and Power.


The purpose of these bye-laws is to amend the schedule of charges prescribed in the Dublin Airport (Parking Fees) Bye-Laws, 1960 for the parking of vehicles in Dublin Airport by substituting new rates of fee for the parking of motor cars.