Income Tax Act, 1967.

Communication of decision of Special Commissioners.

431.—(1) Where the Special Commissioners have entertained an appeal against an assessment for any year of assessment and, after hearing argument on the appeal, have postponed giving their determination either for the purpose of considering the argument or for the purpose of affording to the appellant an opportunity of submitting in writing further evidence or argument, the Special Commissioners may, unless they consider a further hearing to be necessary, cause their determination to be sent by post to the parties to the appeal.

(2) Where the determination of an appeal by the Special Commissioners is sent to the parties by post under this section, a declaration of dissatisfaction under section 428 (1) or a notice requiring a rehearing under section 429 (1) may be made or given in writing within twelve days after the day on which the determination is so sent to the person making the declaration or giving the notice.