Income Tax Act, 1967.

Returns by persons chargeable.

169.—(1) Every person chargeable under this Act, when required to do so by any general or particular notice given in pursuance of this Act, shall, within the period limited by such notice, prepare and deliver to the inspector, a statement in writing as required by this Act, signed by him, containing—

(a) the annual value of all lands and tenements in his occupation;

(b) the amount of the profits or gains arising to him, from each and every source chargeable according to the respective schedules, estimated for the period and according to the provisions of this Act.

(2) To the said statement shall be added a declaration that such values or amounts are estimated in respect of all the sources of income mentioned in this Act, describing the same, after deducting only such sums as are allowed.

(3) Every such statement shall be made exclusive of any interest of money or other annual payment arising out of the property of any other person charged in respect thereof.

(4) Every person upon whom a particular notice has been served by an inspector requiring him to deliver a statement of any profits, gains, or income in respect of which he is chargeable under Schedule D or Schedule E, shall deliver a statement in the form required by the notice, whether or not he is so chargeable:

Provided that the penalty inflicted upon any person proceeded against for not complying with this provision who proves that he was not chargeable to tax, shall not exceed £5 for any one offence.