Transport Act, 1964

Amendment of section 35 of Act of 1950.

12.—Section 35 of the Act of 1950 is hereby amended by the substitution for subsection (2) of the following subsection:

“(2) (a) Subject to the provisions of this subsection, entry to the clerical grades of the service of the Board shall be by means of open competitions in accordance with rules made by the Board.

(b) Every open competition held in pursuance of this subsection shall, subject to paragraph (g) of this subsection, be open to all persons who are ordinarily resident within the national territory or who are Irish citizens or the children of Irish citizens and who pay the fees (if any) and possess the qualifications (if any) as to age, health, character and education prescribed by the rules relating to the competition.

(c) The Board may by special rules provide that such proportion as may be approved by the Minister of the vacancies in the clerical grades of its service shall be filled by means of limited competitions, and where a competition is so limited only persons in or who have been in the employment of a dissolved company within the meaning of the Act of 1944, a dissolved undertaker, the Board or any other transport undertaker whose undertaking has been vested in the Board under this Act or any subsequent Act or the children of such persons shall be admitted thereto.

(d) A competition shall consist of such one or more of the following types of test as the Board may specify in the rules relating to the competition, namely:

(i) a written examination;

(ii) an oral examination;

(iii) an interview;

(iv) any other test or tests that the Board considers to be appropriate.

(e) Irish shall be a compulsory subject at every competition under this subsection.

(f) Where a competition under this subsection consists of more than one of the types of test specified in paragraph (d) of this subsection, not more than one of the tests need be competitive.

(g) The foregoing provisions of this subsection shall not apply in relation to the entry of staff, for employment in a temporary capacity, to the clerical grades of the service of the Board.

(h) The Board may by rules amend or revoke any rules made by them under this subsection, including this paragraph.”