Registration of Title Act, 1964

Extension of compulsory registration.

24.—(1) The Minister for Justice may by order provide that this section shall apply to any county or county borough or any portion thereof on and after a specified day, not being earlier than six months after the making of the order.

(2) In an area to which this section applies the registration of ownership shall, if not already compulsory, become compulsory—

(a) in the case of freehold land, upon conveyance on sale;

(b) in the case of a leasehold interest, on the grant or assignment on sale of such an interest.

(3) In this Part “conveyance on sale” and “assignment on sale” mean an instrument made on sale for money or money's worth by virtue of which there is conferred or completed a title in respect of which an application for registration as owner may be made, and include a conveyance or assignment by way of exchange where money is paid for equality of exchange and also include any contract, agreement, condition or covenant affecting the property comprised in the conveyance or assignment and entered into or made as part of, or in association with, such conveyance or assignment.