Hotel Proprietors Act, 1963

Lien on and right to sell property.

8.—(1) The proprietor of a hotel has a lien upon property, to whomsoever belonging, brought to the hotel by or on behalf of any guest for any debt due by the guest for sleeping accommodation, food or drink supplied by the proprietor at the hotel.

(2) The lien extends to property which does not belong to the guest only if the proprietor was unaware of that fact when he received the property at the hotel.

(3) The proprietor may sell by public auction any property to which his lien extends if, after six weeks, the debt remains unsatisfied.

(4) The proprietor shall pay to the person by or on behalf of whom the property was brought to the hotel the surplus of the proceeds of sale remaining after deducting the amount of the debt together with the costs and expenses of sale.