Finance Act, 1963

Exception in the case of moneys received from registered persons in certain cases.

50.—(1) (a) Tax shall not be charged on moneys received from a registered person for or in respect of goods sold or hired to him or services provided for him for the purposes of activities with respect to which section 48 of this Act provides for his being the accountable person if (but only if)—

(i) he has given to the person from whom the goods were bought or hired or by whom the services were provided a statement in writing quoting his registration number, and

(ii) in a case of a sale or hire of goods otherwise than to a dealer therein, the goods do not fall within any of the descriptions set out in the Second Schedule to this Act.

(b) For the purposes of the foregoing paragraph registered persons carrying on business as proprietors of hotels and restaurants may be treated as if they were dealers in the goods required for the purposes of their business, but this provision shall not apply in relation to—

(i) motor vehicles designed for the conveyance of persons by road, or

(ii) hydrocarbon oils for domestic use or for road transport.

(2) Where a registered person is sold or hired goods or provided with services by a person to whom he has given a statement under subparagraph (i) of paragraph (a) of the foregoing subsection and the circumstances are such that tax is chargeable, he shall so notify that person.