Official Secrets Act, 1963

Power to require the production of telegrams.

18.—(1) Where the Minister for Justice is of opinion that such a course is expedient in the interest of the State, he may, by warrant under his hand, require any person who owns or controls any telegraphic cable or wire, or any apparatus for wireless telegraphy, used for the sending or receipt of telegrams to or from any place out of the State, to produce to him, or to any person named in the warrant, the originals and transcripts, either of all telegrams, or of telegrams of any specified class or description, or of telegrams sent from or addressed to any specified person or place, sent or received to or from any place out of the State by means of any such cable, wire or apparatus, and all other papers relating to any such telegram as aforesaid, and that person shall comply with the requirement.

(2) In this section “telegram” has the same meaning as in the Telegraph Act, 1869, and “wireless telegraphy” has the same meaning as in the Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1926.