Coroners Act, 1962

Provisions governing post-mortem examination caused to be made by coroner.

52.—(1) Where a coroner causes under this Act a post-mortem examination of a body to be made, the following provisions shall have effect:

(a) save as provided by the next following paragraph of this subsection, the coroner shall cause such examination to be made by one (and not more than one) registered medical practitioner,

(b) if the coroner considers that that practitioner will require the assistance of another registered medical practitioner in making the examination, he may cause such assistance to be given by one other (but not more than one other) registered medical practitioner,

(c) where the coroner causes such assistance to be given, he shall furnish the Minister with a statement of his reasons for considering it to be necessary, and

(d) if the coroner summons or requests such other practitioner to give evidence at an inquest on the body, he shall furnish the Minister with a statement of his reasons for considering that evidence to be necessary.

(2) (a) A post-mortem examination under this Act shall not be made by a registered medical practitioner who had attended the person in relation to whose death an inquest is to be or is being held within one month before the person's death.

(b) Paragraph (a) of this subsection shall not apply to a registered medical practitioner who is a pathologist on the staff of, or associated with, a hospital save where the coroner considers that the conduct of such practitioner in relation to his attendance on the deceased person is likely to be called in question at the inquest.