Married Women's Status Act, 1957

Capacity of married women.

2.—(1) Subject to this Act, a married woman shall—

(a) be capable of acquiring, holding, and disposing (by will or otherwise) of, any property, and

(b) be capable of contracting, and

(c) be capable of rendering herself, and being rendered, liable in respect of any tort, contract, debt or obligation, and

(d) be capable of suing and being sued, and

(e) be subject to the law relating to bankruptcy and to the enforcement of judgments and orders,

as if she were unmarried.

(2) Subsection (1) shall apply as between a married woman and her husband in like manner as it applies as between her and any other person.

(3) A married woman may act as a trustee or personal representative as if she were unmarried.

(4) The provisions of the Settled Land Acts, 1882 to 1890, referring to a tenant for life and a settlement and settled land shall apply to a married woman as if she were unmarried.

(5) A married woman may be the protector of a settlement as if she were unmarried.