City and County Management (Amendment) Act, 1955

Estimates committee.

7.—(1) A local authority may by resolution appoint a committee (in this Act referred to as an estimates committee) to fulfil the functions assigned to an estimates committee by this Act.

(2) If a local authority exercise the power conferred by subsection (1) of this section—

(a) they may at any time revoke the appointment of the estimates committee, and

(b) they may by resolution fill any vacancy occurring in the membership of the estimates committee on account of any member of the committee having died, resigned or ceased to be a member of the local authority.

(3) An estimates committee of a local authority, other than the council of a county, shall consist of so many of the members of the local authority as the local authority, immediately before electing the committee, by resolution decide, subject to the restriction that the number of the members of the committee shall not exceed—

(a) where the number of the members of the local authority is an even multiple of three, one-third of that number, and

(b) where the result obtained on dividing the number of the members of the local authority by three consists of a whole number and a fractional remainder, that whole number.

(4) The number of the members of an estimates committee of the council of a county shall be twice the number of the county electoral areas in the county and, with respect to each such electoral area, two members of the council who were elected for that area shall be appointed to the committee.