Housing (Amendment) Act, 1954

Power to make further grant.

14.—(1) The Minister may make a grant in respect of the reconstruction of a house under section 16 of the Act of 1948 notwithstanding that a grant for the erection or reconstruction of the house has previously been made under any enactment—

(a) where the reconstruction is necessary because of damage caused by fire, wind, rain, flooding or other cause outside the applicant's control, or

(b) the reconstruction being not so necessary—

(i) where at least fifteen years have elapsed since the date of the completion of the erection of the house or of the reconstruction in respect of which such grant was made, or

(ii) less than fifteen years and at least ten years having so elapsed, where the reconstruction of the house includes the replacement of roofing by roofing of slates or tiles.

(2) Section 25 of the Act of 1952 is hereby amended by the insertion of “or section 12, section 13 or section 14 of the Housing (Amendment) Act, 1954” after “ section 7 of this Act”.