Government Loans (Conversion) Act, 1951


9.—The Minister may make regulations for all or any of the following purposes:

(a) prescribing the manner in which and the persons to whom applications under this Act for the conversion of stock of a Government loan are to be made and prescribing the evidence which may be accepted by those persons as to matters on which the validity of such applications may depend;

(b) specifying the persons by whom any such application may be made where a stockholder has died, or is outside the State, or is of unsound mind, or is an infant, or is otherwise under a disability, or where a notice in lieu of distringas is in force with respect to the holding;

(c) enabling any such application to be made by a majority of the stockholders where stock of the loan is held jointly by more than two persons, whether beneficially or in a fiduciary capacity;

(d) prescribing the manner in which certificates and other documents relating to stock in respect of which an offer of conversion has been made under this Act are to be dealt with and determining how far such certificates and other documents are to be valid after the redemption date;

(e) enabling any books or transfer by deed register of a Government loan in relation to which an offer of conversion has been made under this Act to be closed for a period immediately preceding the redemption date.