Deeds of Bravery Act, 1947

Comhairle na Míre Gaile.

2.—(1) There shall be a council to be styled Comhairle na Míre Gaile to fulfil the functions assigned to it by this Act.

(2) The Council shall consist of—

(a) the Ceann Comhairle;

(b) the Cathaoirleach of Seanad Éireann;

(c) the Chairman of the Central Council of the Irish Red Cross Society;

(d) the Lord Mayor of Dublin;

(e) the Lord Mayor of Cork;

(f) the Chairman of the General Council of County Councils;

(g) the Commissioner of the Garda Síochána.

(3) The Ceann Comhairle shall be Chairman of the Council.

(4) The quorum of the Council shall be four members.

(5) The Council may act notwithstanding one or more vacancies in its membership.