Electricity Supply Board (Superannuation) Act, 1942

Confirmation of schemes by the Minister.

5.—(1) Every scheme prepared by the Board in pursuance of the next preceding section shall be submitted by the Board to the Minister.

(2) When a scheme has been submitted to the Minister in pursuance of the foregoing sub-section of this section, the Minister shall either, as he shall think proper, refer such scheme back to the Board for reconsideration and fresh submission under the said sub-section or, by order made after consultation with the Minister for Finance, confirm such scheme either without modification or with such modifications (whether by way of addition, omission, or variation) as the Minister shall, after such consultation, think proper.

(3) When a scheme prepared by the Board has been confirmed by the Minister under this section, such scheme shall, as from the date of the order of the Minister confirming it, have the force of law in the form in which it was so confirmed.