Minerals Development Act, 1940

Applications for licences in respect of State acquired minerals.

23.—(1) The Minister may make regulations for all or any of the following purposes, that is to say:—

(a) prescribing the form and manner in which applications for a State acquired minerals licence or a mining facilities licence shall be made;

(b) requiring the payment of fees on such applications and prescribing the amounts of such fees;

(c) specifying the conditions to be complied with by applicants for any such licence;

(d) specifying the terms and conditions to be incorporated in such licences (including the period for which the licence is granted) and the obligations to be imposed by such licences on the licensees thereunder and, in particular, requiring the licensee under any such licence, in exercising the rights conferred thereby, to have due regard to the amenities of the locality in which is situate the subject matter of such licence;

(e) requiring every applicant for a State acquired minerals licence to furnish evidence as to his character, financial standing, and technical qualifications and to give security for the due fulfilment of his obligations under such licence, and prescribing the nature of such evidence and of such security respectively.

(2) Different regulations may be made under this section in respect of particular classes of licences.

(3) Every application for a State acquired minerals licence or a mining facilities licence shall be made in accordance with such of the regulations made under this section as are applicable to such application.