Minerals Development Act, 1940

Undertaking by Minister to grant leases.

13.—(1) On the granting or at any time during the currency of a prospecting licence, the Minister may enter into an undertaking with the licensee under such licence to the effect that if, at any time during the currency or on the expiration of such licence, the Minister is satisfied that the prospecting carried on by such licensee has been successful and that the terms and conditions of such licence have been observed and performed, the Minister will grant to such licensee a State mining lease under Part IV of this Act to take effect from such date, either before or after the expiration of such licence, as may be specified in the State mining lease.

(2) Every such undertaking as is mentioned in the foregoing sub-section of this section shall be in such form as the Minister, with the consent of the Minister for Finance, thinks fit, and may specify the terms and conditions (if any) upon which the State mining lease which is the subject of such undertaking shall be granted.

(3) Whenever the Minister enters into an undertaking to grant a State mining lease under this section, it shall be lawful for the Minister to carry out such undertaking in accordance with the terms thereof.