Rates on Agricultural Land (Relief) Act, 1939

Disposal of unapplied balance of agricultural grant.

10.—If at the beginning of any financial year a portion of the agricultural grant in respect of the next previous financial year for the disposal of which no provision is made by any other section of this Act remains in the hands of the council of a county or of an urban district, so much of the said portion of such agricultural grant as is not required by such council for the purpose of the abatements required by statute to be made in the rates payable to such council for the service of the said next previous financial year shall be divided by such council amongst all the agricultural land in the rating area of such council in proportion to the several specified valuations thereof, and the amount assigned on any such division to any particular agricultural land shall be allowed in accordance with this Act as an abatement from the amount of the poor rate for the service of the said financial year then beginning made on such agricultural land or on the tenement in which such agricultural land is included.