Local Elections Act, 1937

Casual vacancies in the Council.

19.—(1) In this section the expression “casual vacancy” means any vacancy in the membership of the Council caused by the death, resignation or disqualification of a member thereof occurring but not filled before the passing of this Act or occurring after the passing of this Act and before the appointed day.

(2) Whenever a casual vacancy occurs the Council may, at any time thereafter in their absolute discretion, by resolution passed for that purpose after one week's notice to every member of the Council determine to fill such casual vacancy by co-option in accordance with this sub-section, and upon such resolution being passed the Council may either at the meeting at which such resolution was passed or any subsequent meeting thereof elect by the votes of a simple majority of the members of the Council present and voting at such meeting a person to fill such casual vacancy.

(3) A person co-opted under this section to fill a casual vacancy shall hold office in all respects as if he were the person whose vacancy he fills.

(4) This section shall have effect notwithstanding anything contained in section 4 of the Cork City Management Act, 1929 (No. 1 of 1929).