Cork Fever Hospital Act, 1935

Obligation of the Corporation to establish a new fever hospital.

8.—(1) Within such period as the Minister may fix the Corporation shall erect and establish a hospital for the treatment of patients suffering from infectious diseases to be known as the Cork Fever Hospital (in this Act referred to as the new fever hospital) in accordance with the scheme, as approved by the Minister, with such modifications, if any, as the Minister may on the application of the Corporation, from time to time sanction, and shall provide all necessary equipment for such hospital.

(2) For the purposes of establishing the new fever hospital the Corporation shall have the same powers of acquiring land as they have for the purposes of the Public Health Acts, 1878 to 1931, and those Acts, as amended by section 68 of the Act of 1925, shall apply and have effect accordingly with the modification that the advertisements mentioned in sub-section (2) of section 203 of the Public Health (Ireland) Act, 1878 , maybe published in any month, and that the notices mentioned in the said sub-section shall be served in the succeeding month.

(3) For the purposes of the Cork City Management Act, 1929 (No. 1 of 1929), the making of an application for a modification of the scheme under this section shall be a reserved function.

(4) In this section the word “land” includes any easement or right in to or over land or water.