Road Transport Act, 1933

Variation of classification of merchandise.

40.—(1) The railway tribunal shall on the application of the licensee under a merchandise licence concerned or any representative body of traders or of any body of persons representative of a trade or a locality have power to amend (whether by variation addition or omission), after hearing all parties interested and desirous of being heard, any classification of merchandise determined by them under this Part of this Act.

(2) Whenever the railway tribunal amend any classification of merchandise applicable to the licensee under a merchandise licence they shall also (if necessary) amend the schedule of charges for such licensee and fix the date on which such schedule as so amended is to come into force, and as from the said date the said schedule of charges as so amended shall, subject to amendment by the railway tribunal under this Part of this Act, be the schedule of charges in force for the licensee under such licence.