Merchant Shipping (Safety and Load Line Conventions) Act, 1933

Survey of passenger steamers by wireless telegraphy surveyors.

9.—(1) The survey of a passenger steamer required by the Principal Act shall, in the case of every survey made after the commencement of this Part of this Act in respect of a sea-going steamer which is not exempt under the Merchant Shipping (Wireless Telegraphy) Act, 1919, from the obligations imposed by that Act, include a survey by a wireless telegraphy surveyor, and accordingly sub-section (1) of section two hundred and seventy-two of that Act shall be amended by inserting after the words “engineer surveyor of ships” the words “and, in the case of a sea-going passenger steamer required to be provided with a wireless telegraph installation, by a wireless telgraphy surveyor.”

(2) The following sub-section shall be inserted at the end of the said section two hundred and seventy-two:—

“(5) The declaration of the wireless telegraphy surveyor shall contain statements of the following particulars, namely:—

(a) the voyages or class of voyages on which, as regards wireless telegraphy, the steamer is fit to ply;

(b) that, having regard to the tonnage of the steamer and the voyages or class of voyages on which she is declared to be fit to ply, the wireless telegraph installation complies with the wireless telegraphy rules;

(c) that the certificates of the wireless telegraphy operators and watchers are such as are required by those rules.”

(3) Section two hundred and seventy-five of the Principal Act (which provides for appeals to a court of survey by persons aggrieved by the declaration of survey of a ship or engineer surveyor) shall be amended by inserting the words “or wireless telegraphy surveyor” after the words “engineer surveyor” in both places where they occur.