Mines and Minerals Act, 1931




1.—(1) In this Act—

the expression “the Minister” means the Minister for Industry and Commerce;

the expression “exclusive mining right” means the exclusive right of mining and taking minerals and digging and searching for minerals;

the word “rent” includes any periodical payment in the nature of rent;

the expression “land purchase annuity” means a land purchase annuity payable under the Land Purchase Acts to the Irish Land Commission;

the word “inspector” includes any person authorised in writing (either generally or for a special purpose) by the Minister to exercise all or any of the powers or perform all or any of the duties conferred or imposed on an inspector by this Act;

the expression “prescribed” means prescribed by the Minister by regulations made under this Act.

(2) In Parts IV ., V . and VIII . of this Act—

the expression “minerals” includes all minerals and substances in or under land obtainable by underground or surface working.

(3) In Parts IV . and V . of this Act—

references to working minerals shall include references to working, carrying away, treating, and converting minerals;

the word “surface” when used in relation to land includes any buildings, works, or things erected, constructed or growing on such land.

(4) In Part IV . of this Act—

the expression “right to let down the surface” includes a right to let down superincumbent or adjacent strata up to and including the surface;

the word “lease” includes any contract of tenancy and also includes a licence, and the word “lessor” and “lessee” shall have corresponding meanings.