National Health Insurance Act, 1929

Admission to approved societies of deposit contributors.

10.—(1) Save as hereinafter provided by this section an approved society shall not, after the expiration of the prescribed period, admit to membership of such society any insured person who has an account in the Deposit Contributors Fund.

(2) Where an insured person in respect of whom an account has been opened in the Deposit Contributors Fund has not within the period prescribed in relation to the foregoing sub-section become a member of an approved society such person shall at the prescribed time and in the prescribed manner be transferred by the Insurance Commissioners to membership of an approved society selected in accordance with this section by the Insurance Commissioners, and upon such transfer being made such person shall be admitted to membership and become a member of such society.

(3) In selecting an approved society under the foregoing sub-section the Insurance Commissioners shall have regard to the adequacy of its organisation and to the arrangements made by it for the proper administration of the Acts throughout Saorstát Eireann.