Intoxicating Liquor Act, 1927

Removal of record of conviction by the Circuit Court.

27.—Whenever the holder of any licence for the sale of intoxicating liquor is convicted by a Justice of the District Court of an offence to which this Part of this Act applies an appeal shall lie from such conviction to the Judge of the Circuit Court within whose circuit the district or any part of the district of such Justice is situate and the decision of such Judge shall be final and not appealable and on the hearing of such appeal such Judge may, though affirming such conviction, if satisfied that by reason of extenuating circumstances (to be stated in the order of the Court) such conviction ought not to be recorded on such licence, make an order declaring that such conviction shall not be recorded, and whenever such order is so made such conviction shall not be so recorded and shall for all purposes be deemed never to have been so recorded and accordingly any forfeiture occasioned by the recording of such conviction shall be deemed to be cancelled.