Local Authorities (Officers and Employees) Act, 1926

Suspension of officers and servants.

11.—(1) Whenever there is in the opinion of any local authority or of the Minister reason to believe that an officer or servant of such local authority has failed to perform satisfactorily the duties of his position or has misconducted himself in relation thereto or is otherwise unfit to hold such position, such local authority or the Minister (as the case may be) may suspend such officer or servant from the performance of his duties while such alleged failure, misconduct or unfitness is being inquired into and the disciplinary action (if any) to be taken in regard thereto is being determined.

(2) The suspension of an officer or servant who is suspended under this section by a local authority or the Minister shall continue until terminated by the Minister.

(3) An officer who is suspended under this section shall not receive any remuneration from the local authority during the continuance of his suspension, and at the termination of his suspension the remuneration which he would have received during the period of suspension if he had not been suspended shall be wholly or partly forfeited, or paid to him, or otherwise disposed of, as the Minister shall direct.