Betting Act, 1926

Grounds for refusal of certificate of personal fitness.

4.—A certificate of personal fitness may be refused on any one or more of the following grounds and on no other ground whatsoever, that is to say:—

(a) that at the time of the application for the certificate arrears of any duty for the time being payable on or in respect of bets are due and owing by the applicant;

(b) that the applicant had been previously convicted of a crime or of an offence under this Act or had since the commencement of this Act been convicted of an offence under any Act relating to gaming or gaming houses;

(c) that a bookmaker's licence previously held by the applicant had been revoked under this Act;

(d) that a previous refusal by a superintendent of the Gárda Síochána to give a certificate of personal fitness had been confirmed on appeal to the District Court;

(e) that the applicant is by reason of his general character or his known habits not a fit person to hold a bookmaker's licence.