Betting Act, 1926


1.—In this Act—

the expression “the Minister” means the Minister for Finance;

the expression “licensed bookmaker” means a person (not being a body corporate or an unincorporated body of persons) who is the holder of a bookmaker's licence issued to him under this Act and for the time being in force;

the word “premises” means any house or other building and includes a defined part of a house or other building;

the expression “registered premises” means premises for the time being registered in the register of bookmaking offices established and maintained under this Act;

the word “proprietor” means the person entitled to the exclusive occupation of the premises in relation to which the word is used, and, where the context so admits, includes a number of persons jointly so entitled, the expression “registered proprietor” means a person who is for the time being entered in the said register of bookmaking offices as the proprietor of premises registered in that register, and where the context so admits the said expression includes a number of persons entered in the said register as joint proprietors of premises so registered;

the word “totalisator” means an apparatus or organisation by means of which an unlimited number of persons can each stake money in respect of a future event on the terms that the amount to be won by the successful stakers is dependent on or to be calculated with reference to the total amount staked by means of the apparatus or organisation in relation to that event but not necessarily on the same contingency, and the said word includes all offices, tickets, recorders, and other things ancillary or incidental to the working of the apparatus or organisation, the word “bet” includes wager, and cognate words shall be construed accordingly;

the word “prescribed” when used in relation to the District Court or a member of the Gárda Síochána means prescribed by the Minister for Justice and when used in relation to the Revenue Commissioners means prescribed by the Minister for Finance.