Firearms Act, 1925

Forfeiture of firearms, etc., in certain cases.

23.—(1) Where any person is convicted of an offence under this Act, or is convicted of any crime for which he is sentenced to penal servitude or imprisonment, or is ordered to be subject to police supervision, or is ordered to enter into a recognizance to keep the peace or to be of good behaviour, a condition of which is that the offender shall not possess, use, or carry a firearm, the court before whom such person is convicted or by whom the order is made may make such order as to the forfeiture or disposal of any firearm, prohibited weapon, or ammunition found in the possession of such person, or used or carried by him, as the court shall think fit and may cancel any firearm certificate held by such person.

(2) Where the court cancels a firearm certificate under this section, it shall cause notice of such cancellation to be sent forthwith to the superintendent of the Gárda Síochána of the area in which the certificate was granted.