Dail Eireann Courts (Winding Up) Act, 1923, Amendment Act, 1924

Additional powers of Commissioners in hearing of appeals as regards registration.

4.—(1) On an appeal under sub-section (4) of section 12 of the principal Act in respect of the registration, or the refusal of the Registrar to register a decree of a Dáil Land Court, the Commissioners may, without prejudice to the generality of the said sub-section, cancel the registration or refuse to make an order for the registration of the decree—

(a) if in the opinion of the court the ends of justice would be better served by the institution of fresh proceedings; or

(b) if the decree has been executed or partly executed and the application for registration is made for the purpose of an appeal under section 5 of the principal Act; or

(c) if, after due consideration of all the circumstances and after making due allowances for prevalent conditions, it appears to the court inequitable that the decree should be registered.

(2) An order on any appeal to which this section applies may be made subject to such terms and conditions as to the court shall appear to be just.