District Justices (Temporary Provisions) Act, 1923

Re-arrangement of Petty Sessions Districts.

3.—(1) Immediately upon the passing of this Act or as soon as conveniently may be thereafter the Minister shall divide Saorstát Eireann (except the County of the City of Dublin and so much of the County of Dublin as is within the jurisdiction of the Divisional Magistrates of the City of Dublin) into convenient Court Districts and shall appoint one convenient place in each such District or within one mile from the boundary of such District at which the District Court shall be held for such District.

(2) It shall be lawful for the Minister from time to time as he shall consider expedient to vary all or any of the Court Districts created under this section and to alter all or any of the places appointed under this section for the holding of District Courts.

(3) Immediately upon the completion of the division into Court Districts under this section such Court Districts shall for all purposes take the place of and be substituted for the Petty Sessions Districts into which Saorstát Eireann was divided at the passing of this Act and the District Court in and for each such District shall be held at the place appointed by the Minister under this section and Petty Sessions shall cease to be holden in Saorstát Eireann.

(4) The Minister shall allot to each District Justice as his District such and so many Court Districts constituted under this section (whether situate in the same or different counties) as the Minister shall think expedient and may from time to time as he shall think expedient vary the allotment of Court Districts to all or any of the District Justices and transfer any District Justice from the District so allotted to him to any other District.