Land Law (Commission) Act, 1923

Interpretation of certain terms.

1.—In this Act unless the context otherwise requires—

The expression “the Congested Districts Board” means the Congested Districts Board for Ireland;

The expression “the transfer date” means the date on which the administration of public services relating to land purchase was transferred as respects Saorstát Eireann to the Executive Council of Saorstát Eireann;

The expression “the Land Law Acts” means the Land Law Acts as defined by the Irish Land Act, 1909 ;

The expression “the Land Purchase Acts” means the Land Purchase Acts as defined by the Irish Land Act, 1909 , together with any subsequent Act now in force which is by its terms to be construed as one with the Land Purchase Acts;

The expression “the Congested Districts Board (Ireland) Acts” shall have the same meaning as in the Irish Land Act, 1909 , but shall include Part III. of that Act.