Army Pensions Act, 1923


16.—In this Act unless the context otherwise requires—

The expression “the forces” means any armed force under the control of the Minister for Defence the members of which by the terms of their commission, agreement, enlistment, enrolment, contract or otherwise in any way whatever are for the time being liable to render service continuously for a period to Saorstát Eireann;

The expression “on active service” as applied to an officer or soldier means whenever such officer or soldier is attached to or forms part of a force which is engaged in operations against the enemy or is engaged in military operations in a place wholly or partly occupied by the enemy, and in this definition the word “enemy” includes all armed mutineers, armed rebels, armed rioters and pirates;

The word “officer” means any officer attached to or serving with the forces and includes any officer in pay as an officer of the forces;

The word “soldier” includes any non-commissioned officer, acting non-commissioned officer or soldier of the forces;

The word “wound” means any wound or injury received by an officer or soldier in the course of his duty while on active service, but does not include any injury due to the serious negligence or misconduct of the officer or soldier;

The word “disablement” includes partial disablement as well as total disablement;

The word “Minister” means the Minister for Defence.