Censorship of Films Act, 1923

Right of appeal to the Appeal Board.

8.—(1) Any person aggrieved by a decision of the Official Censor refusing to grant a certificate under this Act or attaching any restrictions or conditions to such certificate may appeal in the prescribed manner from such decision to the Appeal Board, and on the hearing of such appeal the Appeal Board may affirm, reverse or vary the decision of the Official Censor.

(2) When notice of an appeal under this section has been given the Official Censor shall furnish to the Appeal Board his reasons in writing for the decision appealed against, and shall furnish, on payment of the prescribed fees, copies of such reasons to every person who is entitled to appear and be heard at the hearing of such appeal.

(3) The Appeal Board shall not have power to grant any certificate under this Act, but shall as soon as may be after the hearing of an appeal communicate its decision thereon to the Official Censor and thereupon the Official Censor shall grant or withhold a certificate in accordance with such decision.

(4) The decision of the Appeal Board shall be final.