Finance Act, 1920

Deduction in respect of dependent relatives.

22.(1) If the claimant proves that he maintains at his own expense any person, being a relative of his or of his wife who is incapacitated by old age or infirmity from maintaining himself, or his or his wife’s widowed mother, whether incapacitated or not, and being a person whose total income from all sources does not exceed fifty pounds a year, he shall be entitled to a deduction of twenty-five pounds in respect of each person whom he so maintains, and a like deduction shall be made in the case of a claimant who, by reason of old age or infirmity, is compelled to depend upon the services of a daughter resident with and maintained by him or her.

(2) Where two or more persons jointly maintain any such person as aforesaid, the deduction to be made under this section shall be apportioned between them in proportion to the amount or value of their respective contributions towards the maintenance of that person.

(3) This section shall apply to a claimant being a female person as it applies to a claimant being a male person with the substitution of “husband” for “wife.”