Finance (1909-10) Act, 1910

Extension of provisions as to contract notes to sale or purchase of options.

79.(1) The provisions of this Part of this Act as to contract notes shall apply to any contract under which an option is given or taken to purchase or sell any stock or marketable security at a future time at a certain price, as it applies to the sale or purchase of any stock or marketable security, but the stamp duty on such a contract shall be one-half only of that chargeable on a contract note: Provided that, if under the contract a double option is given or taken, the contract shall be deemed to be a separate contract in respect of each option.

(2) Any contract note made or executed in pursuance and in consequence of the exercise of an option given or taken under a contract duly stamped in accordance with the provisions of this section shall be charged with one-half only of the duty which would otherwise have been chargeable thereon under this Part of this Act, provided that it bears on its face a certificate by the broker, agent, or other person mentioned in the last preceding section to the effect that it is made or executed in the exercise of an option for which a duly stamped contract has been rendered on the date mentioned in the certificate.