Companies (Consolidation) Act, 1908

Provisions as to mine club funds.

241.(1) On the winding up of a company within the stannaries, contributions of the miners, artizans, or labourers for the purpose of a mine club, or accident, or sick, or benefit fund shall not be deemed to be, or be applied as, part of the assets of the company in liquidation of the debts of the company or otherwise, but shall be accounted for by the purser or any other person in possession of the fund to the liquidator, and shall be recoverable by him, and be applied in accordance with the rules of the club.

(2) Where the company is being wound up voluntarily, the liquidator or any person claiming to be entitled to any such contributions or fund may apply to the court for directions, or to determine any question arising in the matter in the same manner as if the company were being wound up by the court.

Removal of Defunct Companies from Register.