Merchant Shipping Act, 1894

Power of lighthouse authority to remove wreck.

531.(1) Where any vessel is sunk, stranded, or abandoned in any fairway, or on the seashore or on or near any rock, shoal, or bank, in the British Islands, or any of the adjacent seas or islands, and there is not any harbour or conservancy authority having power to raise, remove, or destroy the vessel, the general lighthouse authority for the place in or near which the vessel is situate shall, if in their opinion the vessel is, or is likely to become, an obstruction or danger to navigation or to lifeboats engaged in the lifeboat service, have the same powers in relation thereto as are by this Part of this Act conferred upon a harbour or conservancy authority.

(2) All expenses incurred by the general lighthouse authority under this section, and not reimbursed in manner provided by this Part of this Act, shall be paid out of the [1] Mercantile Marine Fund, but shall be subject to the like estimate, account, and sanction as the expenses of a general lighthouse authority, other than establishment expenses.

[1 Now General Lighthouse Fund; see 61 & 62 Vict. c. 44. s. 1 (1) (c).]