Prisons (Ireland) Amendment Act, 1884



An Act to amend the General Prisons (Ireland) Act, 1877, in certain particulars. [28th July 1884.]

Short title.

1. This Act may be cited as the Prisons (Ireland) Amendment Act, 1884.

Expense of prisoners.

2. The expenses incurred in respect of a prisoner for food, clothing, custody, safe-conduct, and removal from one place of confinement to another or otherwise, from the period when the order for his committal to prison is made until his death or discharge from prison, shall be defrayed out of moneys provided by Parliament, with this proviso, that nothing in this Act shall exempt a prisoner from payment of any costs or expenses in respect of his conveyance to prison or otherwise which he would have been liable to pay if this Act had not been passed.

Joint visiting committees for prisons used for more counties than one.

40 & 41 Vict. c. 49.

3. Where any prison is not exclusively used for the confinement of prisoners belonging to any one county,—

A joint visiting committee may, notwithstanding anything contained in section twenty-four of the General Prisons (Ireland) Act, 1877, be appointed for such prison, if the Lord Lieutenant so orders;

A joint visiting committee shall consist of so many justices as the Lord Lieutenant shall prescribe, who shall be appointed by such grand juries, and in such proportions, as the Lord Lieutenant, having regard to the locality and use of the prison, and the class of prisoners confined therein, may from time to time order.


4. Expressions used in this Act shall respectively have the same meaning in this Act as they are declared to have in the General Prisons (Ireland) Act, 1877.