Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1871

Notice of audit, &c.

17. Before each audit of the accounts of any town under this Act,—

(1.) The governing body of such town shall, after receiving from the auditor the requisite appointment, give twenty days notice of the time and place at which such audit will be made, by advertisement in some one or more of the public newspapers circulated in such town; and

(2.) The governing body of such town shall cause a copy of the accounts which are to be audited, together with all books, deeds, contracts, accounts, bills, vouchers, and receipts mentioned or referred to in such accounts, to be deposited in the office of the town clerk, or other proper officer, of every such town, and the same shall be open, during office hours thereat, to the inspection of all persons interested for seven days before the audit; and all such persons shall be at liberty to take copies of or extracts from the same without fee or reward, and the production of the newspaper containing such notice shall be deemed to be sufficient proof of the notice of audit on any proceeding whatever.