Legitimacy Declaration Act (Ireland) 1868

Power to apply for declaration of legitimacy.

1. Any natural-born subject of the Queen, or any person whose right to be deemed a natural-born subject depends wholly or in part on his legitimacy, being domiciled in England or Ireland, or claiming any real or personal estate situate in Ireland, may apply by petition to the Court of Probate in Ireland, praying for a decree that the petitioner is the legitimate child of his parents, and that the marriage of his father and mother, or of his grandfather and grandmother, was a valid marriage, or for a decree declaring either of the matters aforesaid; and any such subject or person being so domiciled or claiming as aforesaid may in like manner apply to such Court for a decree declaring that his marriage was or is a valid marriage; and such Court shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine such application, and to make such decree declaratory of the legitimacy or illegitimacy of such person, or of the validity or invalidity of such marriage, as to the Court may seem just; and such decree, except as herein-after mentioned, shall be binding to all intents and purposes on Her Majesty and on all persons whomsoever.