Refreshment Houses (Ireland) Act, 1860

Penalty on drunken and disorderly persons refusing to quit licensed houses on request.

Constables to assist in expelling them.

42. Any person who shall be drunk, riotous, quarrelsome, or disorderly in any shop, house, premises, or place licensed for the sale of beer, wine, or spirituous liquors by retail to be consumed on the premises, or for refreshment, resort, and entertainment under the provisions of this Act, and shall refuse or neglect to quit such shop, house, premises, or place upon being requested so to do by the manager or occupier, or his agent or servant, or by any constable, shall, on conviction thereof before any justice or justices, be liable to pay a fine not exceeding forty shillings; and all constables are hereby authorized, empowered, and required, on the demand of such manager, occupier, agent, or servant, to assist in expelling such drunken, riotous, quarrelsome, and disorderly persons from such shops, houses, premises, and places.