Dublin Police Act, 1859

When consolidation of offices shall include receiver, the officer to be styled the accountant, and property to be vested in him, &c.

7. Whenever the consolidation of the offices aforesaid shall include the office of receiver, the person to be appointed to the consolidated office shall be deemed and taken to be and shall be designated “the accountant” of the said commissioners of police; and all property belonging to, acquired, or purchased by the said receiver in his public capacity, and all monies standing in his name in the books of the Bank of Ireland, and all cash balances in hand, shall be vested in the said accountant; and all proceedings of what kind soever, which if this Act had not been passed should have been taken or done by or in the name of any of the holders of the offices so consolidated, shall thereafter be taken or done by or in the name of the said accountant, as fully and effectually, to all intents and purposes, as if the word “accountant” had been used in the Act of Parliament, lease, contract, licence, or other instrument which authorized the taking or doing thereof, instead of the words “receiver,” “secretary,” or “supervisor,” as the case may be; and such accountant shall give to the said commissioners of police security for the due and faithful application of all monies paid to him or lodged to his account under the provisions of the Acts relating to the Dublin police, in such manner and amount as shall be determined by the said commissioners, with the approval of the Treasury.