Superannuation Act, 1859

Power to Treasury to grant allowances on abolition of offices.

7. It shall be lawful for the Commissioners of the Treasury to grant to any person retiring or removed from the public service in consequence of the abolition of his office, or for the purpose of facilitating improvements in the organization of the department to which he belongs, by which greater efficiency and economy can be effected, such special annual allowance by way of compensation as on a full consideration of the circumstances of the case may seem to the said Commissioners to be a reasonable and just compensation for the loss of office; and if the compensation shall exceed the amount to which such person would have been entitled under the scale of superannuation provided by this Act if ten years were added to the number of years which he may have actually served, such allowance shall be granted by special minute, stating the special grounds for granting such allowance, which minute shall be laid before Parliament; and no such allowance shall exceed two thirds of the salary and emoluments of the office.