Poor Relief (Ireland) Act, 1849

Adjustment of liabilities on alteration of limits of union or electoral division.

2. [Provision repealing in part 1 & 2 Vict. c. 56. s. 16 rep. 38 & 39 Vict. c. 66. (S.L.R.)] It shall be lawful for the Commissioners for Administering the Laws for the Relief of the Poor in Ireland, and they are hereby required, in all cases wherein any change shall be made under the provisions of the said Act in the boundaries of any union or electoral division, to make such order under their seal as to them shall appear necessary for the adjustment of the liabilities of such union or electoral division existing at the time of change, and the proportionate share thereof to be borne by any townland or townlands affected by such change, and likewise for indemnifying any union, electoral division, or townland for any loss or exchange of property occasioned by such alteration of boundaries, and for charging on any such union, electoral division, or townland the value of any property or share thereof acquired or taken in exchange by reason of such alteration, and the expence of such indemnification as aforesaid; and the said commissioners shall be empowered to direct, if they shall see fit, the levying of any sum which it shall be necessary to raise for such adjustment, charge, or indemnification as aforesaid by special rate or otherwise on any union, electoral division, or townland, as in the said order shall be expressed; and every such special rate shall be made by the parties and in the manner to be specified in the said order, and shall be levied by all the same powers, ways, and means as are provided for the levying of rates under the provisions of the said Act, and of the several Acts amending the same, and of this Act.