Licensing (Ireland) Act, 1833

Notice to be given to clerk of the peace, 21 days before application is made to the sessions, by any person not before licensed, stating particulars of situation, &c.

Clerk of the peace shall, ten days before sessions, make out a list of applicants, and transmit the same to the magistrates.

2. Every person in Ireland who shall not have been duly licensed in the preceding year to sell beer, cider, or spirits to be consumed in the house where sold, and who shall intend to apply for an excise licence, under the provisions of this Act and of the said recited Act, for the sale of beer, cider, or spirits by retail, to be consumed as aforesaid, shall, twenty-one days at least before the first day of the then next general sessions of the peace to be held for the district within which the house for which such person shall desire to be licensed shall be situate, give or cause to be given to each of the two next resident magistrates, and . . . to the clerk of the peace for the county or county of a city or county of a town in which such house shall be situate, severally and respectively, a notice in writing, signed by such person, stating the intention of such person to make such application, and setting forth the situation and place of such house, as well in respect to the road or highway on or adjacent to which it lies, or otherwise, in a true and particular manner, specifying the town, townland, parish, barony, half barony, and if in a city or town the street, square, lane, or other description of place, together with the number of such house if such house shall have been numbered, and also the place of abode of such person, . . . and every such clerk of the peace shall file and keep such notice given to him, and shall, ten days at the least previous to such quarter sessions of the peace, make out a list of the names of all such applicants, with their place of abode, and the situation and description, as contained in such notice, of the house for which such person shall desire to be licensed, . . . and transmit a copy of such list to every magistrate resident within such city or town, and to the clerk of every petty sessions within such county.