Pre-1922 Acts

Statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 1801 to 1922

Pre-Union Irish Statutes 1169 to 1800

Statutes of Great Britain 1707 to 1800

Statutes of England 1066 to 1706

Currently the full text of the Acts in this category is not available in electronic format.

About this page

This section of the eISB provides access to the searchable text of most of the pre 1922 public and general statutes still in force in the State following the enactment of the Statute Law Revision Act 2007 (the Act of 2007). The Act of 2007 repealed all public and general statutes enacted before 6 December 1922 with the exception of those listed in Schedule 1 of that Act. In the case of a small number of those statutes, the full text is not available in electronic format.

Users should note that in some cases the searchable text of a pre 1922 Act includes references to pre 1922 legislation which amended or repealed a provision of the Act in question. In some such cases, where provisions of a pre 1922 Act have been repealed, those provisions have been deleted from the searchable text of the Act. Users should also note that several of the statutes listed in Schedule 1 of the Act of 2007 have been repealed in full or in part by other legislation since the enactment of that Act. Users should check the relevant entry in the Legislation Directory to identify whether or not an Act has been amended or otherwise affected since enactment.