Construction Contracts Act 2013

Construction contracts: exceptions, etc.

2.— (1) A contract is not a construction contract—

(a) if the value of the contract is not more than €10,000, or

(b) if—

(i) the contract relates only to a dwelling, and

(ii) the dwelling has a floor area not greater than 200 square metres, and

(iii) one of the parties to the contract is a person who occupies, or intends to occupy, the dwelling as his or her residence.

(2) A contract of employment (within the meaning of the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 ) is not a construction contract.

(3) A contract between a State authority and its partner in a public private partnership arrangement, as those terms are defined in the State Authorities (Public Private Partnership Arrangements) Act 2002 , is not a construction contract.

(4) Where a contract contains provisions in relation to activities other than those referred to in the definition of a construction contract and section 1 (2), it is a construction contract only so far as it relates to those activities.

(5) This Act applies to a construction contract whether or not—

(a) the law of the State is otherwise the applicable law in relation to the construction contract, or

(b) the parties to the construction contract purport to limit or exclude its application.